Quick Answer: What Type Of Transport Do You Use Most?

Which form of transport do you usually use?

IELTS SPEAKING TEST[PART 1] What form of transport do you usually use.

I Normally use buses or underground because we have good public transport infrastructure.

There are a lot of bus stations all over the city and the most buses run a lot, so you don’t need to wait long time to get on them..

Which is the best mode of transport and why?

Rail travel is often faster For much of your journey, a train reaches a speed twice that of the limit allowed on roads. When travelling by plane, you have to get to the airport, check-in, endure the flight and then any onward travel to your destination.

Which mean of transport do you prefer?

I enjoy travelling in trains and cars. I love trains as it is the only mode of transport that does not shake too much while on the move. It moves quite steadily and comparatively slower than other vehicles. I think it is quite important to enjoy the ride and for me, nothing can be better than trains.

Which is your Favourite mode of transport?

My favorite mode of transportation is a combination of bicycle + bus or bicycle + train. Being in the US, it is easy to carry my bicycle (bike) on a bus or train and go to work, distant shopping mall, park, mountains, beaches etc. … Sometimes riding the bus or train can also be a great experience of meeting new people.

Do you often watch TV ielts?

Q: Do you often watch TV? A: Yes, perhaps for an hour or two most nights, depending on my schedule. I like to catch up on TV shows I am watching or I might watch a movie before going to sleep.