Quick Answer: What Is Canada’S Crime Rate Compared To The US?

What is Canada’s most dangerous city?

Canada’s worst violent crime problem is in Thompson, Manitoba.

The northern city is struggling with stabbings, assaults, gun crimes and other offences.

For three years running, Thompson has held the unenviable position of Canada’s most violent city in Maclean’s ranking of the country’s most dangerous places..

Does Canada have a higher crime rate than the US?

Based on the selected violent crimes, the United States has a much higher violent crime rate than Canada. Taken together, the U.S. rates for homicide, aggravated assault and robbery are double the rates in Canada in 2000 (474 incidents per 100,000 versus 233) (Figure 1).

What is Canada’s crime rate?

Crime rates in Canada were reported at 5,334 incidents per 100,000 inhabitants with violent crime at 1,098 incidents and property crime at 3,245 incidents (per 100,000). The province with the lowest crime rate in 2017 was Quebec with 3,359 incidents per 100,000 followed by Ontario with 3,804 incidents per 100,000.

Why does Canada have a lower crime rate than the US?

The lower population density also helps to reduce the crime rate. In high density areas like Toronto and Montreal do have a higher crime rate than the rest of the country. Gangs armed with guns smuggled in from the nearby US border states increase the crime rate.