Quick Answer: How Do I Change My Text Message Settings?

How do I change my text message settings on my iPhone?

Change message notifications on iPhoneGo to Settings > Notifications > Messages.Choose options, including the following: Turn Allow Notifications on or off.

Set the position and locations of message notifications.

Choose the alert sound for message notifications.

Choose when message previews should appear..

How do you turn on SMS in settings?

How to set your default texting app on AndroidOpen the Settings on your phone.Tap Apps & notifications.Tap Advanced.Tap Default apps. Source: Joe Maring / Android Central.Tap SMS app.Tap the app you want to switch to.Tap OK. Source: Joe Maring / Android Central.

What is the difference between a text message and a SMS message?

SMS is an abbreviation for Short Message Service. In layman’s terms: it’s a text message. However, while you might refer to a variety of different message types as simply a “text” in your daily life, the difference is that an SMS message contains only text (no pictures or videos) and is limited to 160 characters.

What is a default messaging app?

Google is making a handful of announcements related to RCS today, but the piece of news you’re most likely to notice is that the default SMS app Google offers is now called “Android Messages” instead of “Messenger.” Or rather, it will be the default RCS app.

How do I fix currently unable to send a message?

How To Fix Currently Unable To Send Your MessageGo to Settings.Select Mobile network settings.When you are in the mobile settings, hold the power button and the home buttons together until your device turns off.While your Galaxy is off, gently remove the battery.While your battery is detached, press the home button and the power button 10 times together.More items…•

How do I change my SMS settings?

Change global settingsOpen the Messages app .Tap More. Settings. Change your default messaging app: Tap Default SMS app. Stop getting message notifications outside Messages: Tap Notifications. Turn off Notifications. Change what happens on your phone when you get a message: Tap Notifications. Importance.

How do I reset my message settings on my Android?

Follow these steps to reset SMS settings to default values on Android:Open Messages.Choose Settings.Reset all settings to factory values.Restart your device.

Why is my messaging not working?

Clear Cache and Data in Message App. If your device has recently been updated to the latest version of Android, the old caches may not work with the new Android version. … So you can go to clear the message app’s cache and data to fix the “message app not working” issue.

How can I solve Message not sent problem?

How to fix ‘Message not sent’ error on AndroidDownload the Handcent Next SMS app from the Play Store.Open the app and make it your default SMS app.Now in the app, tap on the Hamburger Menu button on the top right.Select Delivery report.Check if there are any undelivered messages and delete them.

How do I fix messages not sending?

Setting SMSC in Default Messaging AppGo to Settings > Apps, find your stock SMS app (the one that came pre-installed on your phone).Tap it, and make sure its not disabled. If it is, enable it.Now launch the SMS app, and look for the SMSC setting. … Enter your SMSC, save it, and try to send a text message.

How do I enable my messages?

How to Enable Messages in iCloud in iOSOpen the “Settings” app on your iPhone or iPad.Tap on your name at the very top of the Settings screen * to access iCloud Settings.Scroll down to locate “Messages” and tap the toggle switch next to that setting to the ON position.

How do I change message settings on Samsung?

Step 1 of 17To access message settings, from the home screen, tap Messages.Tap the More icon.Tap Settings.To edit notification settings, tap Notifications.Tap Notifications to turn notification alerts on/off. … To change the messaging display style, from the Messages settings screen, tap Display.More items…

How do I reset my message settings?

Follow these steps to reset SMS settings to default values on Android:Open Messages.Choose Settings.Reset all settings to factory values.Restart your device.