Question: What Is A Size 8 In Japan?

What is the biggest shoe size in Japan?

In Japan, men’s shoes tend to be available only up to size 28cm (US size 10) and women’s up to size 25cm (size 8).

We are one of the few online stores where you can find larger Japanese footwear items (up to 32cm/US size 14) in a variety of styles..

What size is a 9 in China?

Men’s Chinese Shoe Size ChartChinese SizeUS SizeFoot Length (cm)41825.5cm428.526cm43926.5cm449.527cm4 more rows

What is a size 3 in China?

Size ConversionStandardSizeChinese sizesize 60size 140Age3 Months7-9 years

What size is 8 in Mexico in the US?

Mexican Clothes Size Chart – WomenMexican SizeUS SizeWaist30626” (66 cm)32828” (71 cm)341030” (76 cm)361232” (81 cm)8 more rows

What shoe size is 17 in US?

Size Chart – ShoesEU SizesUS SizesCMInfants171.511.3182.512.019312.718 more rows

What size do I wear in Japan?

General chartJapanese sizeBustWaist9 (M)86 to 8870 to 7211 (L)89 to 9272 to 7613 (LL or XL)92 to 9677 to 8015 (LLL or XXL)96 to 10277 to 806 more rows•Mar 4, 2019

Is Japan shoe size in CM?

The Japanese system is perhaps the most straightforward of them all — in this system, all shoe sizes are measured in centimeters, with no difference between men’s, women’s and children’s sizing.

What size is a size 8 in China?

International Shoe Size Conversion Chart for WomenU.S./CanadaChinaU.K.7.5395839.55.58.54069416.57 more rows•Mar 3, 2018

What is size 10 US in Japan?

Women’s Shoe Sizes – International ConversionUSAustralianJapanese (cm)108.52610.5926.5119281210.52912 more rows

How do Japanese sizes work?

For each half-size, the Japanese size goes up by one, so a US size 14.5 is a Japanese size 37 and a US size 15 is a Japanese size 38. … A US size 34-36 is a size small, a US size 38-40 is a size medium, a size 42-44 is a size large, and a 44-46 is an extra-large. Pants are measured by waist size in centimeters.

What size is a 34 shoe in us?

US SizesEuro SizesInches3348.5″3.5358.625″4368.75″4.5369″12 more rows

What are the shoe sizes in Japan?

Shoe Size for Women’sJAPANUSAUK24.0cm75 1/224.5cm7 1/2625.0cm86 1/27 more rows