Question: Can Nitec Go To Poly?

When can ITE students apply for poly?

For the AY2020 polytechnic intake, ITE graduates who complete their Nitec course in June or December 2019 and Higher Nitec course in September 2019 or March 2020 will be eligible to apply for admission via Poly EAE..

What should I do after Nitec?

Higher Nitec graduates with a relevant GPA can also apply for admission to the first year of a related diploma course at the polytechnics. For some diploma courses in the Engineering / IT field, Higher Nitec graduates with a GPA ≥ 3.5 may be admitted directly to the second year of training.

Is ite the end?

Some even quipped that the ITE was an abbreviation for “It’s the end”, given that the vocational institute mainly took in students who were school dropouts and post-secondary school students who were not able to gain entrance to polytechnics and junior colleges.

Can N level Go Higher Nitec?

Eligible GCE ‘N’ (Academic) Level holders may apply for Higher Nitec courses under the JIE ‘H’ and Nitec courses under the JIE ‘N’. However, if you are offered a Higher Nitec course under the JIE ‘H’, you will not be offered a Nitec course under the JIE ‘N’.

What is ITE diploma?

Co-Training Partners ITE Work-Study Diplomas are an apprenticeship avenue for companies seeking to recruit skilled ITE graduates. … They will learn on-the-job at the workplace and off-the-job in ITE. This enables trainees to link the classroom training with the hands-on authentic training at the work place.

What is Temasek Poly famous for?

Temasek Polytechnic TP is well-known for its vibrant campus life, abundantly-stocked library and keen participation in water-related activities due to its close vicinity to the Bedok reservoir.

Is RP The worst Poly?

The worst polytechnic for engineering is Republic Polytechnic as it has the poorest cut-off points to get into engineering consistently over the years. An objective way to assess the ranking of the polytechnic is through the O’Level cut-off points to get into the polytechnic.

Which Poly is best for nursing?

At first, NYP has a strong reputation but after the first 2 or 3 batches of NP graduates in Nursing, NP nursing is now regarded as producing better Nurses. Communications / Media: NYP and NP have strong reputations in this. NYP especially for digital media with its graduates going on DIRECTLY to masters programs.

How is poly GPA calculated?

Semester GPA – sum of (grade point X credit units) / sum of (credit units) for modules examined (including failed modules) in the semester. Cumulative GPA – sum of (grade point X credit units) / sum of (credit units) for all modules examined (including failed modules) up to and including the current semester.

How long is ITE education?

The courses are of 2-year duration except for: – Higher Nitec in Culinary Arts which is of 1 year duration for Nitec in Asian Culinary Arts, Western Culinary Arts and Culinary Skills (Western) progression students.

What is Nitec qualification?

The ITE Certification System comprises certification levels as follows: Full-Time Education. National ITE Certificate (Nitec) for courses that require completion of GCE ‘N’ Level or GCE ‘O’ Level as an entry requirement, with pre-requisites for certain courses.

What does Nitec stand for?

National Institute of Technical Education CertificateDefinition. NITEC. National Institute of Technical Education Certificate.

Can ITE students dye hair?

Students must be properly attired in the ITE uniform or prescribed attire while in College during term time and at all ITE-organised activities, events or functions, including co-curricular activities. … Students should not sport hair in outrageous colours. Students should not display any tattoos outwardly.

Is NTU hard to get into?

NTU, like other large research universities, is difficult to get into… but trying can get you far. Just appeal and impress them with the essay and interview.

Should I go JC or poly?

JC leads to your A levels, which is meant as an entrant examination for universities. Universities tend to prefer JC students over Poly grads. Even if you don’t do well (below average) for your A levels, your chances of entering a university is higher than a poly graduate whose results may be above average.

Is TP a good poly?

Diploma Programs and Courses > Which is the BEST Polytechnic in Singapore right now? … their business studies and accountancy course is reputable to be good. TP- design and tourism. they are on of the first poly to offer tourism and have an academy for tourism students in sentosa.

How do I go from Poly to university?

8 University Admission Tips For Poly Students To Go To A Local Uni Or Get A Great JobKeep your first semester’s GPA high. … Choose electives you can score in. … Sign up for CCAs for an extra advantage. … Take up internships to build your resume. … Join competitions. … Get recommendation letters from teachers who know you personally.More items…•

Is ITE easy?

The modules: it’s very easy. It’s a whole different level when you compare it to Polytechnic. I have done both before, and if you have the same mentality of what you have in ITE, then you will surely fail in Polytechnic.

What Does Higher Nitec mean?

Established by Ministry of Education, it was formerly known as Vocational and Industrial Training Board (VITB). ITE has three colleges that offer the National ITE Certificate (NITEC), Higher NITEC, and Technical Diploma and Work-Study Diploma.

Is RP a bad Poly?

It’s ‘bad’ mainly because it’s a fairly young polytechnic compared to the others, so people are doubtful about it, and the high cut off points for some of the courses also add to the equation. With that said, don’t think too much about what people say about RP.