How Long Does It Take To Walk Through IKEA?

Can you walk around IKEA?


You don’t know how to maneuver around the store.

There’s no getting around it, most Ikea stores are huge— and it’s easy to get sidetracked in the maze of rooms and departments.

If you don’t want to lose focus, make sure you grab a store layout map (which also includes a handy shopping list) when you first walk in..

What’s a code 99 at IKEA?

THEY SPEAK IN CODE. Anyone in the store who is register-trained has to go to the front and help.” If a lost kid is wandering the store (which happens a lot), Jana says managers use “Code 99” to put all employees on alert. “There are so many wardrobes to hide in or bed skirts to hide under,” says Marie.

What is a Code 7 in IKEA?

Answered . Hi there. The codes you are mentioning, is to alert the staff that a emergency situation has happened. That can be everything from a lost child to other things causing danger.

How do I get through Ikea fast?

How to Get In and Out of IKEA in Less Than 30 MinutesPlan Ahead. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time in IKEA you better do your research before hand. … Don’t Go On a Weekend. This is common sense but it needs to be said. … Go Alone. … Fuel Up. … Enter Through the Exit. … Check Out As-Is. … Skip the Showroom. … Take a Shortcut.More items…•

How many miles do you walk in IKEA?

The average IKEA shopper will walk at least 9 miles, mostly in circles, before she finds that perfect coat rack. At least three of those miles will be in search of a bathroom.

How long do you spend in Ikea?

We spend an average of 5,000 hours looking for things around the home.